Consumerism in the Era of COVID-19: Executive Insights for Health Care Leaders

Added on Aug 13, 2020

Webinar Available On-Demand
Recorded on Thursday, August 13

Press Ganey leaders present strategies for building patient–provider trust through continuous data collection and analysis, as well as outline specific recommendations using an approach that is grounded in high reliability operating principles and incorporates tactics on collecting, integrating, and analyzing data to provide actionable insights to drive improvement. They also lead discussions on the following topics.

  • The importance of continued surveying of patients and caregivers to guide the creation of evolving care models and demonstrate leadership’s genuine commitment to their values
  • The use of robust analyses of patient comments to uncover insights on issues that are not the direct focus of survey questions yet provide more pointed feedback to complement survey data
  • The creation of a virtuous cycle of trust through point-of-care surveys, which provide an element of real-time performance assessment across a patient population, and caregiver pulse surveys, which help organizations quickly understand and resolve caregiver concerns and thereby drive trust in managers and senior leadership

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