Experiences of Care: Trusting the Caregiver

Added on Jun 8, 2016

Barbara Reilly, PhD, SVP, Employee, Nurse and Physician Engagement, Press Ganey 

This is the story of a nurse, who was treating my eighty year old father. He had suffered an incredible fall and was about to have his second back surgery in two weeks. My dad recognized the nurse caring for him and he joked that he was back after just a week. Upon hearing this, this nurse remarked, “Wow, I really don’t remember my patients.” At that point I noticed that she hadn’t introduced herself and she had her badge on backwards. I got her attention, and asked her name. She replied, "Well that depends, I will only tell you my name after you tell me if you think I am doing a good job." And she wasn’t joking. My trust level went to zero. I countered with, “My name is Barbara.” She eventually replied with, “My name is Cindy.” To this day, I wonder if Cindy was her real name. Her answer impacted my trust, but I also worried about what she might be experiencing. What was the culture like there and was that considered acceptable?

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