Experiences of Care: Care vs. Being Cared For

Added on Jun 8, 2016

Barbara Reilly, PhD, SVP, Employee, Nurse and Physician Engagement, Press Ganey 

This is the Story of Ken - a family friend. Ken was a heart patient who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer while recovering from a heart attack at a small community hospital. He received exemplary care and was shown many caring behaviors. The nurses stopped by to see him on their days off. They sent Christmas cards to his home. His nurses spent time with him and got to know him as a person. One smart nurse noticed that his abdomen was not feeling normal. She asked for an ultrasound and ultimately his cancer was discovered. For his cancer treatment Ken had many options. He was in a major metropolitan area with research hospitals and clinical trials all around. But he wasn’t interested. He picked the hospital for his cancer treatment based on how he wanted to be treated, as a person. He stuck with the less prestigious hospital because he knew he would be cared for by the staff. In this case, a known level of care was more important than choosing the "best" treatment facility.

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