Flight Risk Analytics Predicts Turnover and Drives Outcomes

Added on Jun 2, 2020

Use Predictive Analytics to Quickly Identify Turnover Risk and Drive Key Business Outcomes

Strategic Management Decisions (SMD), a Press Ganey solution, provides Flight Risk Analytics, an advanced predictive analytics model that leverages your organization’s existing workforce data – employee survey data, HRIS data, employment status, etc. –  to promptly assess what may be contributing to caregivers and employees voluntarily leaving your organization. Download the overview.

Flight Risk Analytics scorecard sample

SMD’s Flight Risk Analytics allow your organization to quickly:

Understand key drivers causing nurse, physician, or employee turnover.

Flight Risk Analytics key drivers


Provide leaders with a clear cost of potential turnover.

Flight Risk Analytics cost of turnover


Prioritize leaders and teams at the highest risk who could make the largest impact.

Flight Risk Analytics prioritization


Leverage the behaviors of high performers to establish best practices for those who are struggling.

Flight Risk Analytics high performers


Schedule a flight risk assessment today with one of our experts in health care HR predictive analytics by completing the contact form on this page.​