Enhance Your Telemedicine Strategy and Patient Outcomes

Added on Jul 6, 2020

Develop Efficient Virtual Care Coordination, Improve Telehealth Patient Outcomes, and Capture New Revenue

As telehealth continues to grow, many health care leaders are quickly implementing virtual care for patients. Press Ganey Research shows many considerations – such as clear telemedicine processes and an infrastructure that supports caregivers – are essential to make the telemedicine patient experience as effective as an in-office patient visit.

Tekemedicine_Key Drivers

The Press Ganey Strategic Consulting team can help your organization adapt to this rapid adoption of telemedicine and establish smooth virtual handoffs and transitions for your staff, nurses, and physicians. Our telemedicine strategy facilitates full integration of virtual services to support the practice of virtual patient care, improve patient outcomes, and increase reimbursement opportunities.

Our Telemedicine Process Solution helps you:

  • Redesign traditional office processes and caregiver roles to deliver efficient, cost-effective
    telemedicine visits from scheduling to charge capture
  • Expand virtual telemedicine service line delivery
  • Develop a holistic approach to patient management and telemedicine care delivery
  • Identify and generate new telemedicine revenue opportunities with a focus on ROI
  • Improve caregiver relationship skills during telemedicine visits to promote patient engagement
    and improve patient experience outcomes​​

Helping You Develop Efficient, Cost-Effective, Patient-Centered Telemedicine

Using focus groups and analytics, our team assesses your current state and helps you develop a plan to redesign telemedicine practice operations. We will also provide a virtual training program to support effective caregiver-patient telemedicine interactions. Our dedicated virtual support:

  • Facilitates telemedicine plan development
  • Guides and assists your telemedicine implementation
  • Provides staff coaching to refine the use of Press Ganey’s universal skills for building effective telemedicine relationships

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