Capture 360 and 180 Feedback to Quantify Caregiver Skills

Added on Jun 8, 2020

Capture Multi-Rater 360 and 180 Feedback to Quantify the Impact of Caregiver Skills and Behaviors on Critical Outcomes

Strategic Management Decisions (SMD), a Press Ganey Solution, delivers multi-rater 360 and 180 Assessments that quantify the impact of leadership and caregiver skills and behaviors on your health care organization’s bottom line. SMD’s approach helps health care people leaders redefine traditional 360 and 180 feedback efforts into a results-based HR strategy to drive critical business results such as reducing turnover and improving patient experience measures. Download the overview.

360 and 180 Assessments Heatmap Interpretation

The Key Differences Between 360 and 180 Assessments 

SMD’s 180 feedback includes a manager assessment, self-assessment, and an optional peer assessment. This proven process and heatmap provides key individual contributors with developmental feedback at the same competency and behavior levels as the traditional 360 feedback process. As a result, organizations and individual caregivers can prioritize leadership and talent development based on the key drivers of critical business outcomes such as patient experience, safety and clinical quality measures.

Sample 360 and 180 Assessment Heatmap Report

360 Assessment Heatmap Sample
*Prioritize development for each leader based on the competencies and behaviors with the greatest impact on business outcomes (e.g., patient experience, quality, etc.)

SMD’s The Press Ganey 360 and 180 Assessment Process

1. Define or Review Competencies
  • Review your organization’s competency model and behaviors​​
  • Build a custom competency model if needed (e.g., leader or nurse model)
  • Prioritize your competencies and behaviors​

2. Build Multi-Rater Assessment Survey
  • Includes 360 and 180 Assessments, communications package, and training content
  • Provides pre-assessment launch training

3. Launch and Administer 360 and 180 Assessments
  • Deliver and launch an easy-to-use rater selection process
  • Ability to send assessment completion reminders​

4. Deliver Feedback Reports and Action Plan
  • Conduct 360 and 180 Assessment participant training
  • Prioritize participant needs through heatmap report​
  • Provide development resources through action planning tools
  • Link relevant courses within your organization’s LMS​​

5. Provide Advanced, System-Wide Analysis
  • Connect competencies and behaviors directly to your organization’s bottom line​
  • Present a results-driven, system-wide training needs assessment and recommendations​


Use 360 and 180 Feedback Results to Enhance Your Workforce Training and Development Initiatives

Press Ganey’s health care HR predictive analytics identify and prioritize the competencies that drive critical business outcomes such as:

  • Patient experience measures
  • Clinical quality outcomes
  • Safety data
  • Among other key health care business outcomes

These data-driven recommendations enable organizations to enhance talent training and development initiatives.

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