Home Health Care Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems Survey

Added on Jul 15, 2015


We partner with more than 1,200 home health agencies and over half of all U.S. hospitals to administer the CAHPS survey tool. Like the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) hospital survey (HCAHPS), the Home Health Care Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems Survey (HHCAHPS) will initially be enforced on a pay-for-reporting basis, but will likely transition to a pay-for-performance structure. Non-compliance with the CMS directive could cost agencies up to 2% of their Medicare reimbursement dollars. This directive has placed the performance of home health agencies into the public spotlight like never before.

With Press Ganey’s HHCAHPS Insights solution, transparency will soon become your greatest ally in performance improvement — leading to increased patient satisfaction, better ratings and optimal CMS reimbursement.

Be Ready to Improve

Our HHCAHPS Insights solution offers an integrated survey that goes beyond the data provided by the HHCAHPS questions alone. We pair the required CAHPS questions with our own patient-centered home health questions for a combination that creates added depth that can truly enhance your quality improvement efforts. This integrated survey will provide your agency with maximum value as well as give you critical CAHPS data before it is publicly reported.

Patients, payors, policy makers and the media will make use of the HHCAHPS data when making decisions on which providers to use and when establishing agency rankings. Our dedicated home care Patient Experience Advisors can help you interpret your patients’ feedback and target the areas where improvement is most urgently needed.


Partner with Press Ganey to get these added benefits:

  • Dedicated Patient Experience Advisors with extensive CAHPS experience.
  • Agency-specific data with free survey customization.
  • Access to real-time data around-the-clock with our powerful online suite of reporting tools.
  • Performance benchmarking against your agency’s competitors using the nation’s largest database.
  • Tested and proven improvement resources like Solutions Starters®, webinars and best practices.


Our team has expertise in quantitative analysis and reporting as well as improvement techniques — we even have a team of Patient Experience Advisors exclusively dedicated to helping home health agencies improve their results. The expertise and knowledge of the Press Ganey customer service team makes us uniquely qualified to quickly and effectively guide clients through the CAHPS process and avoid costly mistakes. 

In addition, we have an elaborate quality assurance program that ensures quality throughout the surveying process. We focus on accurate administration to allow you to focus on improving the care your patients receive. Our interactive reporting tool, offers tremendous depth and breadth of reporting, from interdepartmental overviews for executives to detailed reports on specific strengths and weaknesses within each department for front-line managers, including specific improvement tips for problem areas. Your agency will receive real-time data and easy-to-read electronic reports.


Many agencies choose to survey all patients, not just those required by CMS. These patients are equally important to your business and profitability and you may want to know what they are thinking, even if CMS does not.

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