A True Performance Solution for Hospitalists

Added on Jul 25, 2015

A True Performance Solution for Hospitalists

In hospitals that utilize the hospitalist model, hospitalists are pivotal to overall patient experience and directly impact the reputation of the hospital. Yet – despite the importance of the hospitalist team on overall patient satisfaction and facility reputation – no methodology existed for measuring, benchmarking and improving hospitalist-specific patient satisfaction until recently. Cumulative physician performance data does not provide hospitalist-specific performance information or take into consideration the unique challenges hospitalists face regarding patient satisfaction.


Press Ganey’s hospitalist survey enables hospitals, hospital systems and group practices to:

  • Attain rapid improvement of patient experience in hospitalist programs.
  • Assess individual hospitalists according to patient experience scores.
  • Benchmark hospitalists according to patient experience scores with “apples-to-apples” comparison vs. comparison to non-hospitalist practitioners (e.g., obstetricians) within the hospital.
  • Align bonuses to individual (vs. group) performance.
  • Track hospitalists’ performance over time and assess performance coaching effectiveness.
Hospitalists can feel confident the patient ​experience results attributed to them reflect their performance since their photo will appear on the surveys (sample survey image below), and that benchmarking within our hospitalist-specific database is an apples-to-apples comparison. By supporting compensation setting, as well as hospitalist-specific improvement resources, this solution allows hospitals and group practices to closely align with their hospitalist team for improved patient satisfaction.
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