Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems

Added on Jul 15, 2015

Research shows that Press Ganey clients score higher than non-clients for Likelihood to Recommend, and are more likely to have the highest scores in the HCAHPS database. With results like this, it's easy to understand why almost half of U.S. hospitals partner with us to meet their HCAHPS requirements and improve delivery of care. 


Clients using our integrated survey achieve some of the highest HCAHPS scores in the industry – and outperform hospitals using a stand-alone HCAHPS survey on every domain. Our integrated survey solution has helped clients increase the speed and quality of their improvement efforts across all areas.

  • Our integrated survey asks your patients clarifying questions about your hospital's performance at no additional cost.
  • The combination of CAHPS questions with our scientifically developed patient-centered questions offers a sharper focus for your quality improvement efforts.
  • While the HCAHPS survey measures patient experience (how often a service was provided), the Press Ganey integrated survey reveals important qualitative details (how well a service was provided) – enabling a balanced perspective on patient care within your organization.


We offer the largest comparative patient feedback database containing real-time data from more hospitals than any other HCAHPS vendor in the nation.

  • Press Ganey’s HCAHPS database is proprietary and current – unlike some national vendors who cite the CMS publicly available database, which contains static information that is 9 to 21 months old.
  • Our real-time HCAHPS ranking reflects future HCAHPS national percentile rank, unlike older public data. Because market performance fluctuates – with new HCAHPS benchmarks being set each period, older public data is not predictive of future rank even when comparing to the equivalent score values.
With Press Ganey, you don't have to wait 9 months or even 9 weeks to assess where you stand with your national HCAHPS percentile rank. Thanks to the largest real-time HCAHPS database in the country, you can see where you rank nationally – right now.


Public reporting of HCAHPS results makes improvement a competitive necessity. Only Press Ganey's HCAHPS Insights solutions provide you with all the resources necessary for focused quality improvement specific to HCAHPS:

  • A current industry comparison to almost half of the hospitals participating in HCAHPS.
  • HCAHPS-specific priority indices, allowing you to focus your efforts on the critical drivers affecting your organization's HCAHPS outcomes.
  • Continuous access to HCAHPS results and benchmarking – at both the domain and individual question levels – so you can see the results of your improvement efforts immediately.
  • Solutions using evidence-based best practices.
  • Dedicated Patient Experience Advisors providing continuous improvement guidance and focused action plans.
  • The Press Ganey Improvement Portal provides analysis, aligned improvement resources and peer-to-peer networking.


To meet the unique HCAHPS needs of our extensive client base, Press Ganey offers flexibility in surveying – with three different HCAHPS-centric solutions:

  • Stand-alone HCAHPS Survey is the most concise survey offered and includes only those questions created for public reporting.
  • HCAHPS with Customization Survey includes the standard HCAHPS questions along with a subset of additional questions – selected by the client – that cover aspects of patient care that are important to the client but may not be included or covered to the depth desired within the basic HCAHPS question set. Questions selected from the Press Ganey database are eligible for benchmarking as part of the HCAHPS with Customization survey.
  • Press Ganey Integrated Survey combines the required HCAHPS questions with our scientifically developed patient-centered questions and gives clients the most comprehensive picture of their patients' care experiences.
Each of our HCAHPS surveys is accompanied by robust reporting and dedicated improvement resources – including a Patient Experience Advisor and access to Press Ganey's state-of-the-art Improvement Portal.
To learn more about Press Ganey solutions, or to talk with one of our experts, please call us at 800.232.8032 or contact us.