Child Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems

Added on Jul 15, 2015

As the nation’s largest Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems Hospital Survey (CAHPS®) administrator, Press Ganey can help you prepare for future regulatory requirements and deliver comprehensive patient and family-centered care.

The official Child HCAHPS survey, developed by the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality (AHRQ), was released in October 2014. The final survey includes 62 questions that cover 18 measures of the patient experience. The new Press Ganey Child HCAHPS solution integrates the official Child HCAHPS questions with its own proprietary questions, enabling provider organizations to measure parent or guardian perceptions of their child’s care.

To help clients improve performance with Child HCAHPS, we offer:

  • Flexible options:
    • Press Ganey Integrated Child HCAHPS (including family-centered care optional question set to better understand parent or guardian perceptions of their child’s care)
    • Child HCAHPS plus customization
    • Child HCAHPS only
  • Unit-specific priorities to empower staff at the unit level to drive continuous quality improvement.
  • Child HCAHPS-specific priority indices, allowing you to focus your efforts on the critical drivers affecting your organization’s Child HCAHPS outcomes.
  • Continuous access to Child HCAHPS results and benchmarking—at both the domain and individual question levels—so you can see the results of your improvement efforts immediately.
  • Patient and family comments to add depth and understanding to the data and help form specific ideas for improvement and encourage and inspire staff.

By adopting Child HCAHPS now, your organization can benefit from early collection of pediatric patient experience data – allowing for improved performance before the official survey is implemented in your state.

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