Good Doctors: Holistic Health

Added on Oct 24, 2019

Holistic Health
An episode from the Good Doctors: Stories from the Heart of Health Care series

Understanding that each patient responds differently to a variety of treatments, Dr. Jay Poonkasem, a palliative care physician at BayCare Health System, finds joy in using multiple modalities to deliver holistic care. Dr. Poonkasem began his career as a licensed massage therapist and uses this experience as well as his certifications in medical acupuncture, integrative medicine, healing touch, and personal training to treat the whole patient. He connects with his patients by listening to their stories and uses this information to understand their unique needs and guide their treatment plans. Dr. Poonkasem intends to continue studying new modalities and gaining as much knowledge as possible so that he can help his patients using a wide variety of techniques.