Good Doctors: Achieving Radical Quality

Added on Jan 8, 2020

Achieving Radical Quality
An episode from the Good Doctors: Stories from the Heart of Health Care series

For Geisinger Health Chief of Psychiatry Dr. Justin Coffey, the definition of perfect depression care is Zero Suicides, and it’s a goal he has been committed to achieving since the beginning of his career. Upon completing his residency at the University of Michigan, Dr. Coffey joined a team of physicians at Henry Ford Health System who were aiming to conceptualize and develop a model for delivering perfect depression care. Today, he and the team work to spread the model across the country and around the world. While some have argued that setting the seemingly unattainable goal of achieving such radical quality goals will demoralize nurses and physicians, Dr. Coffey has found that believing in and committing to the conviction that perfection is possible reduces his feelings of burnout and keeps him focused, inspired, and grounded in his work.