Our webinar, Press Ganey’s New Workforce Well-Being Collaborative Addresses Health Care’s Burnout Crisis and More, explores innovative strategies that will help support your efforts to remove barriers, accelerate improvement, and promote the well-being of your workforce.

Additionally, leaders of this webinar provide a high-level summary of exclusive benefits that members of the collaborative can expect, including:

  • Learning forums facilitated by Press Ganey leaders, where participants will share best practices for improving the well-being and resilience of health care employees.
  • Networking opportunities that bring together health care leaders from across the country to discuss and tackle the tough well-being challenges facing the workforce.
  • Summary analytics and insights from participating organizations to assess the current state of well-being, detractors of well-being and resilience, and well-being's impact on key outcomes such as staff retention (turnover) and patient experience.
  • Well-being measurement tools (optional) that provide exclusive content and analytics for Press Ganey On-Demand Pulse Micro Pulse clients.