Ready, Set, Pens Up

Added on Nov 3, 2014

As a medical journalist, I spent many years in the back of conference rooms, simultaneously listening to physicians and investigators explaining the latest developments in medical research and watching the reaction of the audience to the information that was being presented. I was looking for the “pens-up” moments—points in the presentation that made listeners pick up their pens and begin to scribble in their notepads.

I saw my first of what I suspect will be many pens-up moments just five minutes into this year’s Press Ganey National Client Conference in Orlando. In her opening remarks during a preconference session targeted to academic medical centers, Debbie O’Brien, senior vice president of Strategy and Innovation at Press Ganey gave attendees a sneak peek into a new measurement construct being introduced during the conference that promises to be the catalyst for unprecedented improvement insight.

The C3 Solution converts CAHPS and Press Ganey measures to a single, standardized scale to capture and measure the degree to which patient needs are being met across the entire care experience. In other words, it provides a crystal clear window into patient suffering—both where it exists and how to reduce it.

The tool “continuously analyzes patient feedback and identifies trends, then pushes the information directly to the hands of leadership to their iPads,” Debbie said. Leaders can then go directly to their staff with the information to show them where things are working and where they may be breaking down and inform improvement strategies to reduce suffering.

The reaction to this teaser, almost uniformly across the conference hall, was a fast and furious pens up. As well it should be. This is big.