A Video Tribute to Nurses' Fighting Spirit

Added on May 12, 2016

By Diana Mahoney, Editorial Director

nurses weekNurses are never off duty. Their time cards reflect the duration of their shifts, but not the depth of their commitment nor the hours spent thinking, caring, and worrying about the well-being of their patients. The latter are immeasurable, and they are what elevate nursing from a profession to a vocation.

“It’s a rewarding and inspiring honor, and a responsibility that we never take lightly. But it also can be demanding, stressful and sometimes heartbreaking,” Rebecca Bogan, BSN, RN-BC, wrote in a recent Nurse.com blog post. “Some days we want to quit. Most days we wish we could do more. Every day, we hope we make a difference.”

A pediatric nurse at Children’s Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota for 15 years, Bogan has certainly made a difference in the lives of the children and families she cares for, including, for the past five years, those being treated in the hospital’s cancer and blood disorders unit. Recently, with the help of her hematology and oncology colleagues, her influence has extended much further.

Inspired by the lyrics of Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” during her commute home after an emotionally challenging day, Bogan decided to create a video, celebrating the fighting spirit of all of the caregivers on her team and the children they care for.

With blessings from her nurse manager, the hospital, and Rachel Platten herself, Bogan got to work. She shared her idea with her team and began filming on her days off, with a colleague pitching in to get footage of the overnight staff. She gathered video clips over the course of a month and edited and knit the pieces together to create a moving, uplifting tribute that that quickly went viral.

“In the weeks that followed, I received emails from people I had never met, who said the video moved them to tears. I was contacted by families who once had, or currently have, a child hospitalized at Children’s Minnesota. They explained how the video reminded them of the amazing team that cared for their child,” Bogan said. “Nurses tell me that when they are feeling discouraged about their jobs, they watch the video and are reminded why we are here doing what we do every day. Personally, I am reminded of the reason I became a nurse, which was to make a difference.”

In honor of National Nurses Week 2016, Press Ganey thanks and celebrates all of the nurses who make a difference and fight the good fight every day.