Spreading Good News: The Importance of Sustaining Support for Caregivers

Added on Jul 8, 2020

Spreading Good News: The Importance of Sustaining Support for Caregivers
By ​Lauren Keeley

Transitioning out of full crisis response into more normal times will take patience and compassion from the whole community. The following examples of good news demonstrate how, even as the world reopens and surge volumes decrease in some spots, health care workers on the front lines have not been forgotten and continue to provide exceptional care to patients and families. For more examples of communities and health systems rallying around caregivers, see previous issues of Industry Edge.

  • The Employee Engagement and Recognition Team at University of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System in Chicago implemented “Snacks for Staff,” in which team members distribute snacks, fruits, hand sanitizer, and other goods to department leaders from the hospital, outpatient facility, and off-site clinic locations to share with their staff.
  • BayCare Health System in Florida converted its system office conference rooms into mask-making factories where nurses and staff sew PPE for front-line workers. Each mask is personalized with a message of hope, recognition, or inspiration from the health care worker who made it.
  • The CEOs of Houston’s four largest hospital systems—Houston Methodist, Memorial Hermann Health System, St. Luke’s Health, and Texas Children’s Hospital—reassured the public through a virtual news conference that they are well-prepared and have the capacity to handle the next wave of coronavirus cases.
  • Several CommonSpirit Health locations created leadership “chalk walks” in which leaders used sidewalk chalk to write encouraging messages along the staff’s route to the building.
  • Health officials at Richmond University Medical Center in New York expressed their gratitude to nearly 80 nurses who traveled from out of state to help during the COVID-19 surges as they begin to head back to their native states.
  • Democratic lawmakers in Wisconsin announced legislation, called the Healthcare Heroes Act, that would support certain front-line workers of the pandemic by providing hazard pay, paid medical leave, and expanded insurance coverage.
  • A team of nurses from Massachusetts General Hospital have been deployed to the Navajo Nation, the American Indian territory that spans parts of Arizona, Utah, and Mexico, to treat COVID-19 patients. The Navajo Nation has the highest infection rate per capita in the country.
  • Researchers at University of Iowa Engineering and UW-Madison Health are collaborating to study triage nurses during the coronavirus pandemic. They hope to better understand the complexities of this field, such as how and why triage nurses make certain decisions, so that they can create a more unified approach nationwide to improve patient outcomes in the event of future pandemics.
  • Southside Hospital, a member of Northwell Health in New York, developed a program called Bundles of Joy to help new moms adjust to postpartum life during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
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