Press Ganey Nursing Special Report Reveals Positive Impact of Nursing Excellence

Added on Feb 20, 2020

Press Ganey Nursing Special Report Reveals Positive Impact of Nursing Excellence on Multiple Critical Performance Measures
Findings Demonstrate Improvements in Physician Engagement, Clinical and Safety Outcomes, Patient Experience, and Financial Outcomes

Boston, Feb. 20, 2020Press Ganey today released its white paper, Nursing Special Report: The Far-Reaching Impact of Nursing Excellence. Research conducted by Press Ganey examined the connection between nursing excellence and improved outcomes across the foundational care domains of safety, quality, and patient experience, as well as patients’ perceptions about the quality of care provided by physicians. Key findings and insights offer strong support for the benefits of establishing a high reliability culture that includes nursing excellence as part of an integrated data strategy to achieve transformational change.

“As the largest segment of the health care workforce with the most direct involvement in patient care, nurses play a critical role in driving the overall patient experience,” said Patrick T. Ryan, Chairman and CEO, Press Ganey. “Investing in nursing excellence and supporting nurses in the delivery of consistently safe, reliable, and compassionate care not only drives improvement across other key care domains, but is essential for achieving enterprise-wide transformation.”

Key findings derived from in-depth comparison analyses of approximately 1,800 organizations demonstrate strong relationships between nursing excellence and each of the following:

• Patients’ perceptions of their care experience overall and their likelihood to recommend the organization to friends and family
• Patients’ assessments of physicians’ skills, responsiveness, and attentiveness
• Physicians’ engagement in their work
• Measures of clinical excellence, such as infection rates and pressure injuries
“In addition to providing clinical care, nurses are a prime source of communication, education, and comfort for their patients,” said Christy Dempsey, Chief Nursing Officer, Press Ganey. “When nursing excellence attributes are embedded into the fabric of an organization, we see marked improvements across the critical measures that affect clinical and safety outcomes, patient experience, and physician engagement. By leveraging these interdependencies, organizations can accelerate improvement across domains. In this regard, investing in nursing excellence is both good medicine and good business.” 

Along with identifying these critical interdependencies, the report offers a playbook and series of best practices that target specific components of excellence in nursing practice.

A copy of the white paper, Nursing Special Report: The Far-Reaching Impact of Nursing Excellence, is available now for download.

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