Peer Coaching Engages Medical Practice & Ambulatory Physicians in Improvement

Added on Mar 21, 2019

Peer Coaching Engages Medical Practice and Ambulatory Physicians in Continuous Improvement
By Andrea Fitzgerald

Northwell Health Physician Partners (NHPP) and Atrium Health have developed internal peer-managed improvement processes for their physician practice (NHPP) and outpatient clinic (Atrium) settings. To ensure physician buy-in, both organizations have leveraged peer review and coaching to support and empower providers to discern improvement opportunities in their own practices, as well as systems and processes across the organization when possible. This has not only promoted cross-sharing of best practices and transparency, it has also driven systemwide improvements.

Read this story to learn how NHPP and Atrium Health use patient complaints and safety events, respectively, to engage physicians in continuous improvement efforts and build more proactive, supportive organizational cultures.