Mary Free Bed Recruits and Retains High-Performing Employees in Small Labor Pool

Added on Dec 20, 2018

Mary Free Bed: Recruiting and Retaining High-Performing Employees in a Small Labor Pool
By Andrea Fitzgerald

In 2015, Michigan-based Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital underwent a series of disruptive changes, among them the implementation of a new call light system, the addition of 87 inpatient beds, the opening of a new building addition, an expansion of its hospital network and a leadership reconfiguration. The hospital also elevated expectations for caregivers to provide interdisciplinary care, which meant more staff on the units. Faced with the challenge of filling more positions than ever before in an increasingly competitive environment, the facility's HR and organizational development leaders embarked on a journey to revitalize their strategies for recruiting, onboarding and retaining caregivers.

Among other impressive outcomes, patient satisfaction and RN engagement rankings rose to the 99th percentile and RN turnover dramatically decreased, dropping more than 10% since fiscal year 2016.

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