HHS Webpage Highlights Agency's Actions to Address Health Care Law

Added on Apr 20, 2017

HHS Webpage Highlights Agency's Actions to Address Health Care Law
Industry Edge April 2017

Days before the demise of the House bill that was intended to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) launched a new page on HHS.gov devoted to highlighting the steps the agency is taking to “relieve the burden” of the ACA and “support a patient-centered health care system.”

“We’re taking action to improve choices for patients, stabilize the individual and small-group insurance markets and expand access to more affordable coverage,” HHS Secretary Tom Price said. “This page will be the place to go for updates on our ongoing efforts.”

According to the webpage, the HHS has already performed the following administrative actions:

  • Introduced reforms to stabilize insurance markets and increase coverage choices for patients beginning in 2018
  • Loosened restrictions on the financial structure of insurance plans offered on the Exchanges to give patients access to lower premium options
  • Improved choices for patients and put downward pressure on prices by curbing abuses of the enrollment periods and encouraging full-year enrollment

Future administrative actions will be aimed at providing more options for patients, giving states flexibility on how they spend their Medicaid dollars and ensuring a stable transition to any law passed by Congress, according to the HHS.

As for regulatory actions, the HHS said it “supports legislation to take action on other priorities President Trump has laid out for health care,” including the following:

  • Increasing competition and choice by promoting the sale of insurance across state lines
  • Removing more of the ACA’s insurance regulations
  • Reducing drug costs
  • Introducing new legal reforms to cut costs for patients and doctors