CMS Selects 32 Participants for Assistance and Alignment Tracks of the ACH Model

Added on Apr 20, 2017

CMS Selects 32 Participants for Assistance and Alignment Tracks of the ​ACH Model
Industry Edge April 2017

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced the participants for two of the three tracks in the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation’s Accountable Health Communities (ACH) model. The ACH model is based on emerging evidence suggesting that addressing through enhanced clinical-community linkages such health-related social needs as food insecurity and inadequate or unstable housing can improve health outcomes and reduce costs.

According to CMS, 32 organizations are participating in the Assistance and Alignment tracks. The 12 organizations in the Assistance Track will provide person-centered community service navigation services to assist high-risk beneficiaries with accessing needed services. The 20 organizations in the Alignment Track will provide community service navigation services, as well as encourage community-level partner alignment to ensure that needed services and supports are available and responsive to beneficiaries’ needs. The 32 organizations represent rural and urban communities across 193 counties in 23 states, and vary in type (e.g., county governments, hospitals, universities and health departments), size, location, and beneficiary demographics.

Bridge organizations that participate in the third track in the ACH model, the Awareness Track, will be charged with increasing beneficiary awareness of available community services through information dissemination and referral. Announcements related to the Awareness Track are scheduled to be made this summer.

The Assistance and Alignment tracks will begin on May 1, 2017, with a five-year performance period. More information on the ACH model is available here. A list of the bridge organizations participating in the Assistance and Alignment tracks is available here.