CAHPS Newest Star Ratings

Added on Mar 1, 2016

CAHPS Newest Star Ratings
From Industry Edge February 2016

CMS’s newest star ratings are designed to give a snapshot of a hospital’s overall quality, as part of an overall strategy to help consumers make better decisions about where they seek care.

The Overall Hospital Quality Star Rating is designed to represent overall hospital quality, drawing from performance on approximately 65 quality program measures that are currently reported on Hospital Compare.

In April 2016, Hospital Compare will begin reporting two Star Rating sections: one for the Overall Hospital Quality Star Rating and one for the seven Overall Hospital Quality Star Rating Group Scores that make up the Overall Hospital Star Rating, as shown below.

■ Overall Hospital Quality Star Rating
■ Outcome: Mortality
■ Outcome: Safety of Care
■ Outcome: Readmission
■ Patient Experience*
■ Process: Effectiveness of Care
■ Process: Timeliness of Care
■ Efficiency: Imaging Use

*Patient Experience will be made up of the 11 HCAHPS domains included in the Hospital VBP. Additional information can be found in the preview report help guide and in the methodology document available on Quality Net.