Unlock deep and robust insights across the member journey, designed to deliver a better member experience, reduce member churn, and improve star ratings to accelerate plan performance.

SPH Analytics,

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Built on the acquisition of SPH Analytics, Press Ganey proudly offers the leading healthcare measurement and analytics platform to understand and impact member experience and engagement.

Health care member survey

Strategically Engage Your Member Population

Listen to each healthcare consumer's voice. Press Ganey drives improvements within your organization through CAHPS® regulatory surveys and cutting-edge market research.

Analyze the health care consumer experience

Analyze the Healthcare Consumer Experience

With our Nexus data platform as the foundation, predictive and descriptive analytics positively impact experience, engagement, and overall performance.

Take charge of member health

Motivate Patients and Members to Take Charge of Their Health

Personalized outreach improves health plan member experience, retention, and medication adherence while simultaneously closing care gaps.

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Press Ganey understands healthcare's unique challenges—and how to overcome them. With unparalleled expertise in the healthcare space, we support your organization at every step, from data capture and analysis to tactical implementation and beyond.