Employee Experience


See how leadership and caregiver skills and behaviors impact your bottom line. Predictive analytics help you improve workforce behaviors and healthcare outcomes based on these insights.

Develop and Strengthen Talent with Leadership and Caregiver Assessments

Pinpoint drivers


Link to your bottom line

Automated 360/180 data pinpoints drivers of patient experience, turnover, and performance among leaders and individuals.


Heat map reporting


At-a-glance heat map reporting

Survey results are prioritized and color coded in a four-box heat map to easily understand performance vs. impact.




Identify key issues

Individual feedback reports, participant training, action planning tools, development resources, and Learning Management System integration help you quickly and effectively drive improvement.


Develop top talent


Develop top talent

Easily obtain multi-rater feedback and actionable insights through our comprehensive Employee Experience Reporting Platform.

Nurse and expecting mother medical exam

Assess Talent Needs Through The Lens of Business Results

Prioritize leadership and talent development based on key drivers of critical business outcomes, including patient experience, safety, and clinical quality measures.

Doctor and nurse looking over healthcare performance data

Improve Talent Decisions with Data

Data-driven recommendations focus your talent training and development initiatives based on the individual behaviors that make the most impact on performance.

See Press Ganey in Action

The top healthcare organizations rely on Press Ganey to power system-wide transformation. Find out why—and join them.

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