Summit Agenda

"It is a privilege to hear from top
leaders across the nation.

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DAY ​1   |   Tuesday May 7

Breakfast & Registration 7:00–8:00 a.m.
Welcome Remarks 8:00–8:15 a.m.
Keynote Address 8:15–9:00 a.m.
Transforming the Future of Care 9:00–9:30 a.m.
Break ​9:30–9:​45 a.m.
Strategies to Achieve Cultural
9:​45–11:05 a.m.
Networking Break 11:05–11:30 a.m.
Designing an Integrated Data
Strategy to Accelerate
11:30 a.m.–12:45 p.m.
Networking Lunch 12:45–1:45 p.m.
Caregiver Resilience
1:45–3:00 p.m.
​ROUNDTABLE: Consumerism in
Pediatrics: Meeting the Needs of
Today's Patients and Families
1:45–3:00 p.m.
Break 3:00–3:15 p.m.
​ROUNDTABLE: Leading for
a Safe & Reliable Culture
3:15–4:30 p.m.
​ROUNDTABLE: Communication
Skills in Pediatrics: Building
Relationships Among Providers,
Patients, and Families
3:15–4:30 p.m.
ROUNDTABLE: Partnering with
Patients and Families to Improve
the Care Experience
3:15–4:30 p.m.
Networking Reception 5:00–6:30 p.m.

DAY ​2   |   Wednesday May 8

Breakfast 7:00–8:00 a.m.
Day Two Remarks 8:00–8:15 a.m.
An Enterprise on the Road to
High Reliability
8:15–9:00 a.m.
Aligning Experience,
Engagement, Quality  and
Safety Initiatives to Drive
Transformational Change
9:00–9:45 a.m.
Networking Break ​9:45–10:​15 a.m.
​Solving for Patient Access -
How to Say 'Yes' to Every
Patient Appointment
10:​15–11:00 a.m.
Reconnecting to the "Why" 11:00–11:45 a.m.
Closing Remarks 11:45 a.m.–Noon


Day 1  |  May 7

8:15 – 9:00 a.m.​  |  Keynote: Defining Patient Experience Through the Eyes of Children and Families

Caitlin Beck Stella, MPH, Chief Executive Officer, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital

Pediatric caregivers understand that when it comes to a child’s care experience, one size does not fit all. The needs of a child differ from those of an adult patient as well as pediatric patients in different age groups. To meet the unique needs of every patient and family, caregivers must do more than provide safe, high-quality care. In order to effectively support every patient and family, pediatric caregivers must be highly attuned to the needs, expectations and desires of each individual under their care. In her opening keynote address, CEO Caitlin Beck Stella will share how Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital captures patient feedback in real time to drive timely and effective improvements across the care continuum. Stella will also address the challenges and opportunities facing today’s executives at pediatric institutions as they strive to deliver exceptional, patient-and family-centered care  in a dynamic and ever-changing industry.

9:00 – 9:30 a.m.​  Transforming the Future of Care

Rachel Biblow, Senior Vice President, Transformational Solutions, ​Press Ganey

As the industry continues to evolve, leaders must do more than recognize patient safety, clinical quality, patient experience, and workforce engagement as pillars of excellence. They must understand the interconnectedness of these dimensions and their respective outcomes, and drive improvement in each to achieve true health care excellence. In this session, Rachel Biblow will explore the transformational framework for removing barriers that keep improvement efforts in silos and aligning people, processes and strategies around a unified strategic approach.

Key Takeaways:
-  How to recognize and act upon the critical interdependencies of safety, quality, experience and engagement to transform the delivery of care
-  Strategies for setting and communicating clear goals and objectives for the enterprise and every member of the workforce
-  Competitive advantage of using integrated insights to identify and prioritize targeted improvement opportunities

9:45 – 11:05 a.m.  |  ​Strategies to Achieve Cultural Alignment

Marty Wright, Director, ​Transformational Advisory Services, Press Ganey
​Myra Gregorian, MA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, 
Chief People Officer & Senior Vice President, Seattle Children’s

In an increasingly demanding marketplace, it is critical that health care organizations drive performance improvement in engagement and patient experience to accelerate a cultural transformation. In this session, Press Ganey engagement expert Marty Wright will discuss a framework for aligning a people and experience strategy and share insights into industry trends based on the Press Ganey database of over 1.8 million caregivers.

Wright will partner with Seattle Children’s Chief People Officer Myra Gregorian, who will share the strategies and improvement initiatives that enabled her to audit the organizational culture and ultimately build a sustainable, values-based culture.

Key Takeaways:
- Actionable insights on how to evaluate the existing culture at your organization
- Leading industry trends derived from Press Ganey’s engagement database
- Tools for benchmarking your organization’s engagement against performance in industries outside of health care

11:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.  |  Designing an Integrated Data Strategy to Accelerate Transformation

Deirdre Mylod, PhD, Executive Director, Institute for Innovation; Senior Vice President, Research & Analytics, Press Ganey
Fiona Levy, MD, MBA,
Executive Director, Sala Institute for Child and Family Centered Care, Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone; Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs, Department of Pediatrics, New York University School of Medicine 

Additional session details coming soon.

1:45 – 3:00 p.m.  |  ROUNDTABLE: Building Caregiver Resilience

Marty WrightDirector, ​Transformational Advisory Services, Press Ganey 

Join this interactive roundtable discussion to explore strategies for combatting burnout and reducing turnover by strengthening caregiver resilience. Led by Press Ganey expert Marty Wright, this session will present a comprehensive framework first established by Deirdre Mylod for deconstructing both the stresses and rewards inherent to the role of caregivers from the perspectives of a caregiver, a leader, a team, and an organization. Attendees will gain actionable insights to better understand and support their workforces.

Key Takeaways:
-  A framework for understanding and responding to the needs of your workforce
-  Specific examples of practices in your organization that may be contributing to burnout
-  Strategies to amplify the inherent rewards of providing care and mitigate stressors to ultimately enrich resilience

1:45 – 3:00 p.m.  |  ​ROUNDTABLE: Consumerism in Pediatrics: Meeting the Needs of Today's Patients and Families

Chrissy Daniels, MS, Partner, ​Medical Practice, Consumerism & Transparency, Press Ganey

Join this interactive roundtable discussion to explore ways in which pediatric organizations can meet the evolving expectations of today’s health care consumers. Led by Press Ganey’s consumerism expert Chrissy Daniels, this session will address trends and offer actionable insights for meeting the unique needs of today’s healthcare consumer, engaging pediatric patients and their families via digital platforms, and aligning the patient experience with the modern consumer experience to consistently deliver safe, high-quality, patient- and family-centered care.

Key Takeaways:
-  An overview of industry trends that highlight what is top-of-mind for today's digital consumer
-  Tips to identify and address gaps in your consumer strategy
-  Strategies for fostering buy-in and support of your strategic goals from leaders across care domains

3:15 – 4:30 p.m.  |  ​ROUNDTABLE: Leading for a Safe & Reliable Culture

Craig Clapper, PE, CMQ/OE, Partner, ​Transformational Advisory Services, Press Ganey

Join this interactive roundtable discussion to explore strategies for effectively leading a safety and High Reliability culture transformation at your organization. Led by Press Ganey High Reliability expert, Craig Clapper, this session will share actionable insights for successful safety culture leadership and sustainment of your ongoing High Reliability initiatives on the journey to Zero Harm.

Key Takeaways:
-  Best practices for effectively guiding teams to establish and implement High Reliability principles in day-to-day operations 
-  Explore the interconnectivity of safety, quality, patient experience, and workforce engagement and the importance of removing the barriers that divide these domains 
-  The role of C-suite leaders in prioritizing and sustaining High Reliability culture transformation

3:15 – 4:30 p.m.  |  ​ROUNDTABLE: Communication Skills in Pediatrics: Building Relationships Among Providers, Patients, and Families

Joan Shook, MD, MBA, FAAP, FACEP, Chief Safety Officer, Deputy Chief Quality Officer, Chief Clinical Information Officer, Texas Children’s Hospital; Professor of Pediatrics, Baylor College of Medicine 
Laura Cooley, PhD,
Senior Director of Education and Outreach, The Academy of Communication in Healthcare (ACH); Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Medicine, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Join this interactive roundtable discussion to explore the impact of patient-centered communication skills on provider-patient relationships. Led by Dr. Laura Cooley of The Academy of Communication in Healthcare and Dr. Joan Shook of Texas Children’s Hospital, attendees will discuss the education and training required to ensure optimal physician-patient encounters.

Key Takeaways:
-  The importance of relationship-centered communication skills in pediatrics, and how they impact safety, accuracy of clinical decisions and patient compliance to recommended treatment
-  The challenges and learning opportunities Texas Children’s Hospital had along its journey, from identifying the need to invest in a communication-skills program to driving performance improvement across the organization
-  Insights into developing an implementation strategy to train providers to communicate effectively and improve the delivery of care at your organization

3:15 – 4:30 p.m.  |  ​ROUNDTABLE: Partnering with Patients and Families to Improve the Care Experience

Elisa Jones, Director of Patient and Family Centered Care, Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital
Elise Bloch, EdD, OT/L, Associate Professor, Nova Southeastern University

Join this interactive roundtable discussion to gain strategies for building partnerships with patients and their families to drive sustainable improvements in the patient experience. Led by Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital CNO, Bella Cabrera, Director of Patient and Family Centered Care, Elisa Jones, and Family Advisor, Elise Bloch, this session will provide actionable insights on how to integrate patient-and family-centered care into the DNA of your organization. Attendees will learn how one of the top pediatric institutions in the country raised its patient experience scores from the 58th percentile in 2010 to the 99th percentile in 2018 by providing high-quality, compassionate care.

Key Takeaways:
-  A case study outlining sustainable initiatives for incorporating patients and families as valued partners in the care experience
-  Strategies for strengthening your PFACs and integrating their feedback in the culture of your organization 
-  Takeaways for improving the physical environment of your hospital or health system to improve patients’ and families’ perceptions of care

Day 2  |  May 8

8:15 – 9:00 a.m.​  |  An Enterprise on the Road to High Reliability

Kevin Churchwell, MD, ​President and Chief Operating Officer, Boston Children’s Hospital

In 2016, Boston Children’s Hospital set out on a journey to High Reliability—united as an enterprise, and driven by a need to protect their patients, families and staff. Through an integrated approach that aligns clinical, administrative and research teams with their patients and families, the organization has created a common language and set of behaviors to advance high reliability principles across the enterprise. Dr. Kevin B. Churchwell, President and Chief Operating Officer at Boston Children’s, will share insights and perspective gained on this journey, addressing challenges their organization overcame along the way and how they turned an initiative that was “never going to last” into a full cultural shift around safety. Attendees will learn how to implement this framework across areas such as safety, caregiver engagement and patient/family education to produce sustainable results over time.

Key Takeaways:
-  Strategies for embarking on an enterprise-wide safety culture transformation journey and solutions for addressing challenges along the way
-  Proven approaches for engaging leadership in a shared mission to enact sustainable change
-  Examples of the positive impact of implementing High Reliability principles in both clinical and non-clinical settings

9:00 – 9:45 a.m.​  |  Aligning Experience, Engagement, Quality and Safety Initiatives to Drive Transformational Change

Carolyn Quinn, RN, MSN, NEA-BC, Deputy Executive Director, Pediatric Services, Cohen Children’s Medical Center

Patient experience, workforce engagement, clinical quality and patient safety are each important pieces that come together in the delivery of care. In this session, Cohen Children’s Medical Center’s Deputy Executive Director of Pediatric Services Carolyn Quinn will share strategies gained from her experiences breaking down these silos to drive important across domains and ultimately improve overall performance. Attendees will learn how to gain staff buy in, take a holistic view of their performance data, and use integrated insights to transform care.

10:15 – 11:00 a.m.​  |  Solving for Patient Access – How to Say ‘Yes’ to Every Patient Appointment

Larry Hollier, MD, FACS, FAAP, Surgeon-in-Chief, Texas Children's Hospital; Chief of Plastic Surgery, Baylor College of Medicine

Texas Children’s Hospital is the largest children’s hospital in the country with over 3.7 million patient encounters annually. With this high patient volume, it became a critical business priority to reengineer existing scheduling processes and systems across the enterprise to increase patient access. In this session, Texas Children’s Surgeon-in-Chief, Dr. Larry Hollier, will share how strategic work teams were able to identify and act upon improvement opportunities without the need for additional resources (budget or staff) or real estate. By standardizing clinic schedules and increasing physician availability, Texas Children’s saw an immediate surge in their annual number of appointments and ultimately, closed the gap between provider availability and appointments to streamline patient access.   

Key Takeaways:
- Best practices for conducting cross-domain root cause analysis to identify system or process related improvement areas 
- Strategies and tactics for transforming practice operations without increased budget, staffing or physical space requirements 
- How to develop cross-functional work teams to advance complex improvement initiatives and drive innovation

11:00 – 11:45 a.m. ​  |  Reconnecting to the "Why"

Darlene Barkman, Family Consultant, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

After her daughter was diagnosed with leukemia, Darlene Barkman was thrust into a complex environment where she felt personally responsible for ensuring that her daughter received safe, high-quality, compassionate, and coordinated care. As her daughter, now a happy and healthy 18-year-old, received treatment, she and her family learned that each member of an organization’s workforce has an impact on the overall delivery of care. Today, Darlene serves as Co-Chair of the CHOP Family Advisory Council, where she works with interdisciplinary teams to develop strategies for reconnecting caregivers to the importance of their work so they can support patients and their families while delivering, safe, compassionate, connected care.

Key Takeaways:
-  A family member’s unique perspective and insights into an intensive experience of care that ranged across multiple service lines
-  The impact that each member of your workforce has as a care ambassador
-  The critical partnership between patients, families, and providers and its potential to transform the safety, quality, and experience of care
-  Meaningfully engaging the family voice in the work

"This is my favorite learning opportunity throughout the year. It offers so much insight into pediatrics and provides unbelievable networking opportunities. I always leave energized and validated in knowing that others experience the same challenges.

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"The Summit was extremely valuable. Each topic aligned with the direction pediatric health care and systems are moving in.

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