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Selecting Clients to be Recognized 
Press Ganey will review all received nominations against the above criteria. Submitters who meet the criteria will have their submission shared with all members of our client community during our Virtual National Client Conference. Press Ganey will announce the complete list of client stories being recognized as part of the program through an online press release, a dedicated webpage, and social media. Additionally, each selected organization will receive a graphic that they may share on their social media platforms to promote their success story within their community.

Submission Title (65-character limit with spacing) Please provide a title for your submission as it should appear on our website. Submission (1,200-character limit with spacing)Please provide a high-level description of a strategy, initiative, emerging practice, or organization-wide effort undertaken to help manage the pandemic and care for your patients and teams of caregivers; and describe your plans for preserving this practice long after the COVID-19 crisis. Supporting Photo (photos must be sized appropriately**) Your story must include a supporting photograph that is