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  • The State of Workforce Engagement: Tapping into Generational Expectations

    Added on Nov 7, 2019

    By Lauren Keeley

    As reported in a new white paper on the state of workforce engagement in health care, Press Ganey researchers analyzed responses from more than 1.8 million physicians, nurses, and other health care employees surveyed in 2018 and identified wide variation in engagement by profession, demographics, geography, and other variables. This blog series will deconstruct the findings to tease out those that are likely to have the greatest impact on organizational outcomes and will offer recommendations for driving and sustaining improvement. The focus of this month’s post is generational differences in engagement.

  • Medical Practice Roundtable: UUH Helps Providers Meet Patient, Physician Needs

    Added on Oct 30, 2019

    By Diana Mahoney

    In the first of an ongoing series of interviews focusing on ways high-performing medical practices are meeting some of today’s most pressing care delivery challenges, Mari Ransco, Director of Patient Experience at University of Utah Health, discusses how that organization is helping its provider groups create work environments that address both patient and physician needs.