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  • Safety, High Reliability, and Equity Are Intertwined

    Added on Jun 25, 2020

    By Tejal Gandhi, MD, MPH, CPPS, Chief Safety and Transformation Officer

    The domain of equity has been brought to the forefront by the terrible confluence of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has disproportionately affected the health and financial stability of certain groups, and the video footage of tragedies that highlight the inequities black and other diverse communities face every day. In this blog, Tejal Gandhi, Chief Safety and Transformation Officer, evaluates ways to help health care organizations close the equity gap and commit to equity as a safety and quality imperative.

  • Cultural Realignment After COVID-19: Signs Your Organization Needs Help

    Added on May 27, 2020

    By Martin Wright, Partner, Strategic Consulting

    Although the day-to-day impact of COVID-19 varies by organization, the crisis has universally highlighted strengths and weaknesses around such cultural considerations as communication practices, support for caregivers’ well-being, process reliability, and system resilience. In this post, Martin Wright, Partner, Strategic Consulting, identifies signs that indicate when an organization's culture needs to change and outlines leadership strategies to address them.

  • Four Essentials of Effective Telemedicine

    Added on May 4, 2020

    By Chrissy Daniels, MS, Chief Experience Officer

    The thought leader series continues as our Chief Experience Officer, Chrissy Daniels, shares how simple shifts in communication styles can help make telehealth experiences as effective as in-office visits. As health care organizations ramp up their telehealth offerings in response to COVID-19, this blog will guide them in four essentials of effective telemedicine: authenticity, agenda setting, empathy, and closing checklist.

  • COVID-19 Caregiver Collaborative: Practical Insights and Notes from the Field

    Added on Apr 22, 2020

    By Jessica Dudley, MD, Chief Clinical Officer

    This blog features approximately 50 physicians, nurses, and administrative leaders from health care systems on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis to participate in a virtual Caregiver Collaborative to discuss and share practical experiences and tools for supporting caregivers and staff emotionally, physically, professionally, and socially while caring for patients during the pandemic. As these leaders continue identify alternative routes to safe, patient-centered care delivery during these difficult times, we will update these notes and make executive summaries of each session available on Press Ganey’s COVID-19 resources page.

  • Keeping Families and Patients Connected During the COVID-19 Crisis

    Added on Apr 13, 2020

    By Rachel Biblow, Senior Vice President and Partner, Strategic Consulting, and Benjamin Cooperman, Senior Associate, Strategic Consulting

    The ongoing spread of COVID-19 has warranted extreme social separation measures and infection prevention protocols that are making it difficult for families and patients to stay connected. In this blog, our thought leader series continues as Rachel Biblow, Senior Vice President and Partner, Strategic Consulting teams up with Benjamin Cooperman, Senior Associate, Strategic Consulting to discuss ways that health care organizations can help their clinicians both connect COVID-19 patients with their loved ones and stay connected to their own families during these trying times.

  • Caregiver Redeployment During COVID-19: Keeping Staff Safe

    Added on Apr 10, 2020

    By Tejal Gandhi, MD, MPH, CPPS, Chief Safety and Transformation Officer

    To manage the anticipated surge of coronavirus cases, hospitals are redirecting physicians, nurses, and other care providers to perform tasks that are typically outside their domain. In the latest of our thought leader blog series, Tejal Gandhi, Chief Safety and Transformation Officer, shares strategies, rooted in high reliability principles, to mitigate risk and allow staff to feel comfortable, competent, and safe in their new roles.

  • COVID-19 Caregiver Collaborative: Surge Timing Determines Caregiver Needs

    Added on Apr 9, 2020

    By Jessica Dudley, MD, Chief Clinical Officer

    As the intensity of the COVID-19 pandemic increases, timing has become a differentiator between those organizations in the surge and those who are anticipating it. In this installment of our thought leader blog series, Chief Medical Officer and host of our COVID-19 Caregiver Collaborative, Jessica Dudley, highlights four themes that emerged in the latest meeting: the importance of collaboration and centralized policies, the shift from planning to proactive deployment, leadership succession planning and communication, and psychological support.

  • Caregiver Collaborative: Supporting Clinician Well-Being During COVID-19

    Added on Apr 2, 2020

    By Jessica Dudley, MD, Chief Clinical Officer

    The clinical team at Press Ganey convened a COVID-19 Caregiver Collaborative to discuss the unique challenges physicians, nurses, and other patient care professionals face on the front lines of care during this pandemic and to share strategies and tactics for addressing them. In the latest of the series, Chief Clinical Officer Jessica Dudley describes how these leaders bring a new level of collaboration, candidness, consistency, and creativity to the fight against COVID-19.

  • Transparency is a Rising Tide in the COVID-19 Battle

    Added on Mar 31, 2020

    By Tejal Gandhi, MD, MPH, CPPS, Chief Safety and Transformation Officer

    Tejal Gandhi, Chief Safety and Transformation Officer, returns to the COVID-19 thought leader series to discuss the importance of breaking down barriers to full transparency to promote the collective good during the coronavirus pandemic. Not only is full transparency foundational to patient safety, but this willingness to share vulnerability and work together is reassuring and reaffirms all that is good about health care and humanity.

  • Webinar Series Provides Guidance for Managing Operational Challenges

    Added on Mar 26, 2020

    By Adam Higman

    With health systems under the stress of the coronavirus outbreak, high reliability principles are more important than ever to ensure the delivery of holistically excellent care. In this post, Strategic Consulting Partner Adam Higman introduces an on-demand webinar series designed to help organizations manage operational challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis. The first three webinars in the series address the most pressing operational questions that organizations are facing right now: effective communications, staffing strategies, and capacity building.