2020 NCC Opens with Emotional Thank-You

Added on Nov 17, 2020

By Diana Mahoney

“We appreciate you, and we are here for you.” Speaking to a record number of registrants, Press Ganey Chairman and CEO Patrick T. Ryan launched the 2020 Virtual National Client Conference Virtual National Client Conference by expressing profound gratitude to the physicians, nurses, and other members of the health care workforce on the front lines and behind the scenes who continue to put themselves in the path of COVID-19 to lead the country through this pandemic.

“Never before in history has the world faced a pandemic that has overtaken continents, putting entire economies on hold and overwhelming health systems. But when countries and cities asked their citizens to quarantine, health care executives and caregivers showed up and faced this crisis head-on. The courage, creativity, and sheer determination that you bring to the fight against COVID-19 is inspiring and will continue to see us through until we find a solution for this dreadful disease,” Ryan told the 4,200 registered conference attendees. “On behalf of patients and families around the world, I want to thank you and let you know that we appreciate you,” he said, echoing the sentiment that was shared through an emotional opening video.

Without question, dealing with COVID-19 has presented formidable challenges to the health care industry. It has forced hospitals and health systems to reconceptualize, in near-real time, the delivery of safe, high-quality care while enforcing public health measures to contain the pandemic and optimizing the allocation of personal protective equipment and other resources.

However, the crisis has also brought to the forefront opportunities for change and improvement, Ryan stressed. “COVID has given us all an opportunity to embrace our circumstances and accelerate positive transformation … We must build on this momentum and seize this moment of activism to rally as an industry,” he said, noting that the health care community is uniquely positioned to make such change happen.

“Our nation’s health care systems have been leading by their actions for years, and today we are addressing the crisis of the pandemic while continuing to explore new ways to solve longer-term socioeconomic issues, including social determinants of health, that impact our neighborhoods and lock people into a cycle of poverty and poor health,” he said. “I believe that through our actions and achievements, we can demonstrate that communication, understanding, decency, respect, and humanity are the foundations of a flourishing society.”

Press Ganey is committed to helping the industry drive toward this objective by deepening its investment in its partnership programs, including the Safety 2025: Accelerate to Zero initiative, the Press Ganey Equity Partnership, and a new program to support caregivers that will launch in 2021. Through each of these programs, Press Ganey has pledged to provide the data, insights, and resources to help health systems break down barriers and work toward the common goal of delivering reliably safe, effective, and equitable care.

“In return, all we ask of you is to share, learn, and drive change. Your participation can make a dramatic difference in the lives of your associates, your patients, their families, and the communities you serve,” said Ryan. Together, we have reduced suffering and made health care a safer place. Together, we will get to the other side of this pandemic, and together, we will heal our communities.