Press Ganey White Paper Presents Framework to Measure, Analyze and Address Clinician Burnout

Analyses Deconstruct Sources of Clinicians’ Stress and Provide Insights for Developing a Culture of Wellness and Resilience

Boston, Massachusetts, May 30, 2018— Press Ganey today released its white paper, Burnout and Resilience: A Framework for Data Analysis and a Positive Path Forward. The report details a strategic approach that enables health care leaders to gain the deep level of insights needed to act on the factors that contribute to burnout. In conducting its analyses, Press Ganey also developed and validated an eight-item tool for measuring resilience that assesses both decompression, the ability to disconnect from work, and activation, the degree of engagement with work.

“Research demonstrates that clinician engagement is foundational to the delivery of safe, high-quality, patient-centered care,” said Thomas H. Lee, Chief Medical Officer, Press Ganey. “By pinpointing the causes of burnout and implementing strategies to curb it among clinicians, health care leaders can drive transformational performance improvement across each of these key care measures.”

The paper provides a framework for examining and acting upon the forces that influence clinicians’ vulnerability to burnout by

  • Deconstructing burnout into actionable component parts that can be either inherent in the role of the provider or a function of external forces;
  • Understanding the interdependencies across these components;
  • Measuring the clinician experience with respect to each of these attributes; and
  • Designing interventions that enhance caregivers’ resilience and reduce their vulnerability to burnout.

“Burnout among health care providers is a crisis affecting more than half of U.S. physicians, and research shows that the impact can negatively affect the overall organization,” said Joe Cabral, Chief Human Resources Officer and President of Workforce Solutions, Press Ganey. “By understanding the drivers of clinician burnout as well as the rewards that can counter it, health care leaders can develop solutions that target the risk factors, introduce protective factors and help clinicians rediscover their sense of purpose and achieve professional fulfillment.”

A copy of the white paper Burnout and Resilience: A Framework for Data Analysis and a Positive Path Forward is available for download.

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