Press Ganey Report Unveils Compassionate Connected Care Model to Reduce Patient Suffering

Added on Jan, 20, 2015

Actions Focus on Patient Needs to Improve Engagement and Outcomes

Boston, Massachusetts, January 20, 2015 – Press Ganey today released its latest Performance Insights report, “Compassionate Connected Care: A Care Model to Reduce Patient Suffering.” The report details the firm’s Compassionate Connected CareTM model and the underlying framework that allows leaders and managers to focus their improvement resources in the most efficient and effective way. 

The model organizes care providers’ activities into four aspects of patient care—clinical, operational, behavioral and cultural— and presents clinicians with tangible and tactical solutions to connect with patients to deliver patient-centric care.  

More than 100 care providers and patients participated in defining the Compassionate Connected Care themes and translating them into compelling actions for clinicians. Six themes emerged from this work: 
  • Acknowledge Suffering
  • Body Language Matters
  • Anxiety is Suffering
  • Coordinate Care
  • Caring Transcends Diagnosis
  • Autonomy Reduces Suffering
For each of the six themes, the care model also provides a series of actionable ways in which patient suffering can be alleviated across the care continuum.
“We understand that patients suffer – and while acknowledging this fact is a good first step, it is also a call to action for providers and health care leaders. The Compassionate Connected Care model is a framework to properly structure that action and ensure the optimal patient experience,” said Christy Dempsey, CNO, Press Ganey. “As the industry evolves toward organizing care around the patients’ needs, Compassionate Connected Care emerges as a critical strategy for organizations to continue the mission to deliver high-quality, patient-centric care.”

A copy of the Performance Insights report, “Compassionate Connected Care: A Care Model to Reduce Patient Suffering,” is available for download.