Press Ganey Report Defines Role of Comprehensive Data Strategy in Building Workforce Trust in the COVID-19 Era and Beyond

Press Ganey Report Defines Role of Comprehensive Data Strategy in Building Workforce Trust in the COVID-19 Era and Beyond
Analysts outline key elements for achieving and sustaining caregiver trust and its critical role in the delivery of consistently safe, compassionate care.

Boston, August 25, 2020Press Ganey today released its landmark white paper, Building Workforce Trust: Lessons from COVID-19, a continuation of the company’s ongoing research into the evolving concerns and needs of the health care workforce.

As caregivers continue to extend themselves to rise to the unique challenges of COVID-19 and meet quickly evolving consumer needs, continuously listening to the workforce has never been more important. In addition to annual workforce engagement surveys, Press Ganey leverages a variety of listening and analytics tools to provide leaders with unmatched insight into the needs and expectations of caregivers that are foundational to trust and essential to nurturing a culture rooted in trust. Key to this objective is alignment with the organizational mission to reduce suffering and the development of a high reliability operating system to ensure the consistency of behaviors that influence trust.

“Trust is foundational to an organization’s ability to deliver reliably safe, compassionate, and high-quality care,” said Patrick T. Ryan, Chairman and CEO, Press Ganey. “For this reason, workforce trust cannot be taken for granted, nor does it just happen. Building and sustaining it requires thoughtful preparation, prioritization, and investment of time and effort. Caregivers’ heroic efforts to care for their patients even as they dealt with the stress, anxiety, and fear brought on by the pandemic has been humbling and inspiring. Health care leaders must continue to support their caregivers and staff in this noble but challenging work by listening intently and with purpose to understand their needs and by responding with transparency and authenticity.”

The report focuses on the four critical elements to building trust with and among clinicians, leadership, and other health care personnel:

  • A circle of trust that encompasses all members of the workforce and leadership in order to deliver care within an integrated and holistic framework of excellence
  • A model for trust that includes three key components to ensure that trust is embedded into the culture of the organization
  • Organizational commitment to high reliability in safety, quality, and patient experience to unify all staff
  • A comprehensive data strategy to translate volumes of information into actionable insights to guide improvement efforts and drive performance
The report illustrates the relationship between trust and high reliability organizing principles and includes a list of high reliability leadership and universal relationship skills to build trust enterprise-wide.

The white paper, Building Workforce Trust: Lessons from COVID-19, is available for download.

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