Press Ganey Releases State-of-the-Art Digital Platform to Advance Health Care Workforce Transformation

Enhanced capabilities deliver industry’s only integrated view
across engagement, resilience, and safety culture

Boston, March 26, 2019—Press Ganey today announced the release of its advanced Workforce and Engagement Solution, enabling health care systems to measure, identify, and act on improvement opportunities at unprecedented levels. The platform delivers the industry’s only integrated view of insights for critical areas of engagement, resilience, and safety culture across unique health-care-specific roles, including nurses and physicians. As part of Press Ganey’s suite of Transformational Solutions, the workforce and engagement platform reflects the company’s extensive research and analysis of the relationships between caregiver engagement and patient outcomes, as well as feedback from leaders of top health care systems.

“The ability to achieve transformational care requires an engaged and resilient workforce aligned around the organization’s priorities,” said Patrick T. Ryan, Press Ganey Executive Chairman. “Measurement alone is not sufficient to drive the change or improvement necessary to build a high-performing culture. The integrated insights that this new platform will deliver, combined with Press Ganey’s deep understanding of the health care workforce, offer an unparalleled solution for organizations to establish and retain a workforce committed to providing safe, high-quality, patient-centered care.” 

The solution leverages the industry’s largest database of employee, nurse, and physician feedback for relevant comparisons and advanced analytics to guide improvement planning, leadership development, and cultural change. Advanced benefits of the Workforce and Engagement Solution include

  • Greater ability to pinpoint improvement opportunities and drive meaningful change with modern dashboards, snapshot reports, and enhanced export capabilities,
  • A more comprehensive view of workforce needs derived from expanded health care metrics that include specific indicators for resilience and safety culture,
  • A deeper level of understanding around workforce perceptions and needs through new comment analytics,
  • Ability to target improvement actions at the unit level by mapping complex organizational hierarchies and segmenting results by performance, and
  • Ongoing assessment of the effectiveness of improvement plans and the impact of organizational changes between annual surveys with enhanced workforce pulse capabilities.

“Health care leaders recognize that the key to achieving and sustaining high performance is predicated on having an engaged and resilient workforce,” said Joe Cabral, Press Ganey Chief Human Resources Officer and President, Workforce Solutions. “The enhanced capabilities and unique view of insights across care domains and caregiver roles, and the support of our expert advisors, will deliver the targeted insights and action planning needed to accelerate improvement across the enterprise.”


To learn more about the Workforce and Engagement Solution, please visit the Press Ganey website.

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Press Ganey pioneered the health care performance improvement movement more than 33 years ago. Today Press Ganey offers an integrated suite of solutions that enable enterprise transformation across the patient journey. Delivered through a cutting-edge digital platform built on a foundation of data security, Press Ganey solutions address safety, clinical excellence, patient experience, and workforce engagement. The company works with more than 33,000 health care facilities in its mission to reduce patient suffering and enhance caregiver resilience to improve the overall safety, quality, and experience of care.


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