Press Ganey Releases 2014 Strategic Insights Report to Advance Patient-Centered Care

Added on May, 19, 2014

Press Ganey Presents Framework to Understand and Address Patient Suffering to Improve the Patient Experience

Boston, Massachusetts, May 19, 2014 – In a report released today, Press Ganey presents a framework to deconstruct and address patient suffering as part of the mission to achieve patient-centered care.  The 2014 Strategic Insights report, Reducing Suffering: The Path to Patient-Centered Care, outlines an approach to both understand and address sources of avoidable suffering across the patient experience.

“The industry is facing a care coordination and cost crisis,” said Patrick T. Ryan, CEO, Press Ganey. “The path to transforming our system is through patient-centered care that is designed to engage patients as active partners in their health care. We believe the first step on this path is to redefine our model under a new construct that identifies, understands and addresses patient suffering.”  

By capturing the voice of every patient, employee and physician, providers can glean insights across their organizations into sources of avoidable suffering. In the 2014 Strategic Insights report, Press Ganey presents three levels of advanced analytics that pinpoint opportunities to improve the overall patient experience and increase patient engagement:
  • System-level performance
  • Individual physician performance
  • Employee and physician engagement
“Across health care, there is an undeniable drive to advance the quality and safety of care” said Ryan. “By reducing patient suffering, we can revolutionize the way we approach the patient experience to provide truly better care.”

A copy of the 2014 Strategic Insights report, Reducing Suffering: The Path to Patient-Centered Care, is available for download.