Press Ganey Introduces Strategic Framework to Drive Health Care Transformation

White Paper Presents Integrated Leadership Approach to Act on the Convergence of Safety, Quality, Patient Experience and Engagement in Driving Sustainable Improvement

Boston, Massachusetts, March 29, 2018—Press Ganey today released its 2018 Strategic Insights white paper, A Strategic Blueprint for Transformational Change. The special report advances an integrated framework for leadership to drive improvement across the domains of safety, quality, patient experience, and workforce engagement. Press Ganey research has demonstrated that achieving convergence around these key care dimensions yields greater overall performance ratings than improvement in one domain alone. To achieve sustainable change, health care organizations must act on this data by convening leadership under an integrated improvement strategy that acts on these interdependencies.

“Disruptive forces in health care have changed the definition of excellence and the criteria for success,” said Patrick T. Ryan, CEO, Press Ganey. “In order to successfully deliver on the patient promise of safe, high-quality, patient-centered care, health care organizations are being challenged to raise performance across all of these attributes simultaneously. This requires not only understanding and analyzing the interdependencies of care domains, but it also demands the convergence of leadership across all of these areas of influence toward common goals.”

The report provides a structure for transformational change, based on the understanding that achieving accelerated performance improvement requires:

  • Breaking through the barriers that separate safety, quality, experience, and engagement operations
  • Promoting leadership and staff awareness of the multiple points of intersection between each domain
  • Defining improvement strategies around the interdependencies
  • Integrating improvement efforts to achieve excellence in every aspect of the consumer experience, beginning with the initial point of contact with the organization and continuing across the care journey

“To stay competitive in the face of continued industry disruption, hospitals and health systems must aggressively remove barriers and align people, processes, and strategies to the mission of the organization,” said Dr. James Merlino, President and CMO, Press Ganey Strategic Consulting Division. “The six transformational principles outlined in this year’s Strategic Insights report offer an adaptable framework to do that and provide detailed guidance for advancing a comprehensive strategy to achieve heightened levels of excellence in safety, quality, experience, and engagement.”

A copy of the 2018 Strategic Insights report A Strategic Blueprint for Transformational Change is available for download.

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Press Ganey pioneered the health care performance improvement movement more than 30 years ago. Today, Press Ganey offers an integrated suite of solutions that enables enterprise transformation across the patient journey. Delivered through a cutting-edge digital platform built on a foundation of data security, Press Ganey solutions address safety, clinical excellence, patient experience, and workforce engagement. The company works with more than 33,000 health care facilities in its mission to reduce patient suffering and enhance caregiver resilience to improve the overall safety, quality and experience of care.

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