Increasing Value in the Emergency Department: Using Data to Drive Improvement


Press Ganey has developed a new Performance Insights paper—Increasing Value in the Emergency Department: Using Data to Drive Improvement. Derived from insights presented during the 2015 Press Ganey Emergency Department Executive Summit, this paper provides research and strategies for optimizing the delivery of emergency care.
Notable findings indicate that to advance emergency care, health care organizations must:
  • Develop patient-centered, data-driven processes to improve outcomes that matter to their patients.
  • Dispel misperceptions regarding the effect of drug-seeking behavior on patient experience scores.
  • Create focused initiatives to reduce ED caregiver suffering and engage staff in improvement efforts.
  • Leverage innovative practices to streamline operational processes, reduce variation and improve throughput.
Research and case studies presented in this paper detail insights on how improving ED patients' perceptions of emergency care can help you improve overall organizational performance. 

A copy of the White Paper, Increasing Value in the Emergency Department: Using Data to Drive Improvement, is available for download.

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