Customer Service In Healthcare: The Paradox Of Patient Satisfaction And Patient Experience

Forbes, by Micah Solomon, ​May 11, 201​7

"Delivering great customer service is a challenge in every industry, without exception. But for those of you whose work is in the commercial arena, spare a sympathetic thought for the additional challenges involved in providing customer service in life-and-death environments such as hospitals and similar healthcare organizations.

Customer service’s analog in healthcare–variously called patient experience, patient satisfaction, PX, etc.–comes down to providing service in an environment where the goals of the customer can be complex, and where appropriate service to the customer may take the provider from from the typical customer service approach of striving to provide immediate customer gratification. Some of the work I’ve done on this issue has been in conjunction with the Cleveland Clinic Patient Experience and Empathy summit, for which I was keynote speaker, and where I first met James Merlino, M.D, who was then Cleveland Clinic’s Chief Experience Officer. Merlino has since moved on to Press Ganey Associates, where he serves as President and Chief Medical Officer for Strategic Consulting. I caught up with Dr. Merlino recently to hear how his thoughts have been evolving on these issues."

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