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Understand enterprise performance with a focus on leveraging high performance and developing areas in need of improvement.

Direct feedback from the health care workforce serves as a critical source of cultural insights and performance drivers that can lead to sustainable organizational improvement initiatives. With the ability to efficiently pinpoint the most meaningful engagement, resilience and safety culture insights, Press Ganey's Workforce & Engagement platform guides health care leaders to effectively prioritize actions that will build a high-performance culture. Intuitive reporting presents relevant insights that drive targeted priorities by work unit.

The Workforce & Engagement platform delivers meaningful metrics for leaders at all levels, based on a flexible people-centric architecture that maps complex organizational hierarchies. Analysis provides an overall Engagement Score and Action Planning Readiness (APR) assessment. Proprietary Tier scoring differentiates work unit performance to enable targeted performance improvement actions. Tiers indicate the receptiveness of the work unit to feedback and guide appropriate improvement strategies. A detailed strengths and concerns report pinpoints specific areas for each unit. At a glance, managers can quickly access the information needed to efficiently and effectively prioritize improvement initiatives and make informed decisions.
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Key Benefits



resilience before safety and quality are impacted.



complex relationships to achieve cultural and quality goals.



and track progress of improvement plans in an easy-to-use tool.

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Workforce engagement influences outcomes across safety, quality and patient experience measures, and as such is essential to delivering value-based care that meets patients’ needs and reduces suffering.

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