Physician Alignment and Engagement

Improve Physician Engagement and Alignment to Drive Strategic Priorities

Within the evolving landscape of health care, including an environment with increasing demand for coordinated care, new organizational structures and value-based payment models, the ability to build strong physician engagement is pivotal to achieving success.

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The transparency movement to publish online physician ratings and patient experience scores adds complexity and underscores the need to understand the physician perspective to improve performance. 

Press Ganey Engagement Solutions assess the key drivers of physician engagement through a multi-dimensional view of performance to provide deep insights into strengths and opportunities to make the most significant impact on engagement and alignment. 

Built on nearly three decades of physician research, Press Ganey Engagement Solutions offer a flexible survey approach that captures physician perspectives across physician categories and work in multiple settings within the organizationcapturing the physicians’ hospital, clinic and referring experiences with the health system. 

Evaluate Both Engagement and Alignment

Engagement and alignment are not interchangeable. Engagement measures physician’s appraisal of their work environment, emotional experiences, and attachment to workplace. Alignment measures the extent to which a physician feels a strong partnership or connection with the organization's leadership. By measuring both, organizations gain insight into whether physicians are likely to stay, as well as if they will support strategic initiatives.

Powerful Insights Enable Greater Focus on Key Engagement Priorities

The Engagement Portal delivers results and deep insights through an intuitive, web-based solution. The interactive reporting system delivers the most meaningful metrics for leaders at all levels, including engagement scores, strengths and concerns and other key performance metrics.

Achieve Cultural Transformation Across The Organization

Identify underlying culture challenges and take targeted steps to improve. With significant expertise in organizational development, and caregiver engagement, Press Ganey’s Strategic Consulting group partners with your organization to establish an open environment for feedback, facilitate conversations to identify root causes and build staff-initiated solutions that they can own and support.