Engagement Portal

Powerful Insights Enable Greater Focus on Key Engagement Priorities

Press Ganey's Engagement Portal delivers results and deep insights through an intuitive, web-based solution. The interactive reporting system delivers the most meaningful metrics for leaders at all levels, including engagement scores, strengths, concerns and other key performance metrics.

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Explore and Analyze Targeted Insights to Drive Engagement

With the Engagement Portal, all users can explore results and develop focused improvement strategies through a variety of flexible dashboards, summary views and filters specific to their area of responsibility. Permission-based access presents relevant information to each user upon login, eliminating unnecessary steps to reach the desired information. 

Support for Complex Healthcare Organizations

In addition to traditional organizational hierarchical structure (direct reporting relationships), the Engagement Portal is designed to address complex matrices (indirect reporting relationships).  Innovative mapping capabilities allow users with permissions to create and manage organizational hierarchies online. 

Share a Complete Picture of Engagement Results

The Engagement Portal provides integrated results, delivered at the same time, for multiple surveys, making it easier to share a complete picture of engagement metrics and develop holistic programs to achieve cultural and quality goals across the organization.