Employee Engagement

Transform Caregiver Perspectives into Engagement Strategies

Health care leaders require a focused understanding of where to drive change within their organization to build an engaged, patient-centered culture that reduces stress for caregivers and suffering for patients.

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Building high performance teams, attracting and retaining top talent and aligning employees around patient experience goals and business strategies are critical to achieve sustainable improvements in the safety, cost and quality of care. 

By looking at a multi-dimensional view, Press Ganey Engagement Solutions provide leaders with deep engagement insights into strengths and areas of opportunity to make the most significant impact on caregiver engagement.

Combine Multiple Surveys into One

Employee, physician, Magnet-compliant nursing and safety culture surveys can be integrated into one administration, ensuring the right employees get the right questions at one time to reduce survey burden, boost participation rates and provide robust results reporting representative of the spectrum of the health care workforce.

Powerful Insights Enable Greater Focus on Key Engagement Priorities

The Engagement Portal delivers results and deep insights through an intuitive, web-based solution. The interactive reporting system delivers the most meaningful metrics for leaders at all levels, including engagement scores, strengths and concerns and other key performance metrics.

Achieve Cultural Transformation Across The Organization

Identify underlying culture challenges and take targeted steps to improve. With significant expertise in organizational development, and caregiver engagement, Press Ganey’s Strategic Consulting group partners with your organization to establish an open environment for feedback, facilitate conversations to identify root causes and build staff-initiated solutions that they can own and support.