Workgroup Development

Build stronger, more engaged teams with targeted improvements

Providing managers with the tools and support they need to consistently and sustainably build high-performing teams is an important part of an effective engagement strategy. The Press Ganey Strategic Consulting team can provide you with expert insights, hands-on experience and proprietary tools to help your hospital achieve sustainable improvements in caregiver engagement. 

The Challenges

  • Low caregiver engagement
  • Need for work group training and skills improvement
  • Need for action planning strategies targeted to performance tier

The Process

An employee engagement survey establishes a baseline, with each engagement focused on developing managers and workgroups into higher performing teams through coaching that impacts specific behaviors proven to enhance engagement. 

  • Consultants begin with a detailed review of engagement survey results to identify Tier 3 work units and their managers, as well as inform target areas and primary issues of concern.
  • Customized action-planning development and individualized manager coaching plans are created based on these needs.
  • A series of coaching and training sessions provide hands-on expertise, with educational content and instructional design driven by performance-based objectives and Lean principles.

What You Can Expect

Press Ganey’s consultants will lead development of an effective action plan for individual departments—ultimately driving the necessary change in the culture to support engagement improvement. 

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