Value Based Purchasing Calculator

Leverage Current Data to Focus Improvement and Optimize Reimbursement

Key Benefits

Current estimate of VBP performance reflective of national benchmarks nine-months before public data is available
Comprehensive analysis of performance at the measure level to pinpoint specific opportunities
Dynamic modeling of baseline and performance rates for advanced reporting
Estimates for value-based incentive payment, percentage change and value-based payment adjustment factor
Ability to model potential financial scenarios with three exchange slope options, including a user-defined exchange slope

What it is

Press Ganey's Value-Based Purchasing Calculator provides a near-real-time estimate of your value-based purchasing reimbursement using your hospital's most recent HCAHPS and core measures data. Organizations can pinpoint their greatest opportunities for improvement to focus resources to drive in-period results and optimize future payments.

Under the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) program, a hospital’s performance on key measures determines its Medicare reimbursement. The program withholds a portion of every hospital’s Medicare payment for use as incentive payments.

As performance across the industry improves, VBP threshold and benchmark scores increase each year. To remain competitive, it’s essential to know how current performance stacks up to drive continuous improvement and remain competitive. The Press Ganey VBP Calculator delivers near-real-time performance data, offering up-to-date views of your hospital’s performance compared to national benchmarks.

For organizations who work with Press Ganey for HCAHPS and/or core measures, the VBP Calculator integrates your hospital's current performance data and predicts your facility's VBP exposurewith measure-level detail. This flexible, easy-to-use solution allows you to quickly model different performance scenarios to pinpoint areas of opportunity that would provide the greatest return on your quality improvement efforts.

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