Rehabilitation and IRF CAHPS Early Adopter Program

Optimize Your Potential in Rehab Care
IRF CAHPS Early Adopter Program

Key Benefits

Gain powerful comparative insights: Our large comparative database offers powerful insights into patient experience performance.

Leverage improvement expertise: Patient experience advisors will partner with you to help drive improvement of the patient experience in your organization in the areas that matter most to your overall performance.
Benefit from CAHPS experience: Press Ganey is the largest CAHPS administrator, partnering with more than 8,500 clients to measure HCAHPS, HHCAHPS, ACO CAHPS, MIPS CAHPS, ICH CAHPS and Hospice CAHPS clients.
Keep up with regulatory changes: To help you stay informed of upcoming requirements, our regulatory reporting experts provide ongoing tracking and communication of CMS updates, distilling over 3,000 pages of CMS rule making annually.

What it is

Assessing patients’ needs and the current experience of care is a critical part of delivering patient-centered care. Utilized widely in hospital and freestanding settings, Press Ganey surveys evaluate the full patient experience, including rehabilitation nursing and therapies.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have completed development and testing of a standardized patient experience survey*, and regulatory requirements often follow after surveys are developed. The Press Ganey IRF CAHPS Early Adopter Program allows you to prepare early, gaining key insights before the official program is finalized. Flexible survey options and easy-to-interpret reports support inpatient rehab facilities and units on their journey to improve.

Leverage Targeted Insights to Improve
Press Ganey solutions capture the voice of the patient across the continuum of care, supporting a comprehensive approach to improving the total patient experience. Our surveys complement and enhance regulatory CAHPS surveys by asking additional questions to identify with greater precision the underlying issues, uncovering opportunities to improve admission, staff communication and overall care in inpatient rehabilitation facilities and hospital-based rehab units.

Take advantage of our integrated offering, which includes the full Press Ganey inpatient rehabilitation survey as well as the CMS' 57 questions that focus on areas such as admission, staff communication, and preparation for discharge. This comprehensive approach to assessing the patient's experience of care provides additional data points needed to understand performance and appropriately design improvement initiatives.

Flexible Survey Options
The Early Adopter program is also available as an Plus Survey with up to 10 additional questions, or as the CMS IRF Survey only. Surveys are available in English with one wave. You may choose mail or email modes while participating in the Early Adopter program.

Early data collection provides valuable insights about the patient experience specific to rehab care, helps focus improvement efforts and positions your organization for optimal performance in advance of official programs. For more information about the Press Ganey IRF CAHPS Early Adopter Program and our flexible rehab solutions, please contact your Press Ganey account team or call (800) 232-8032.

*The Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) family of surveys are standardized patient experience surveys which are developed using design principles created by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. The Centers for Medicare &Medicaid Services (CMS) has funded the development of a patient experience survey specifically designed for inpatient rehabilitation facilities. The instrument that was developed is currently referred to as an experience of care survey. Press Ganey anticipates that the survey will eventually become an official CAHPS survey and we refer to the Press Ganey offering as the Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility CAHPS (IRF CAHPS) Early Adopter Program.

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Program Summary • Oct 10, 2017