HPI Press Ganey Patient Safety Organization (PSO)

Share and Learn from Patient Safety Data and Peer Communities to Prevent Harm 

Key Benefits

Provides federal protection of legal privilege and confidentiality of safety event information
Facilitates sharing of tested and targeted strategies for preventing harm
Offers insights based on aggregate analysis of patient safety event and root cause data

What it is

To be successful in the journey to zero harm, organizations must better track safety event information, uncover root causes and be transparent – sharing often sensitive and culpability details to learn from each other. Under the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act, PSOs facilitate industry-wide sharing and learning through federal protection of legal privilege and confidentiality of safety event information.

The official AHRQ-listed HPI Press Ganey PSO uniquely supports the HPI community with a protected forum for sharing and learning around the HPI SEC® & SSER® Patient Measurement System and event cause analysis methods.

The PSO ensures privilege and confidentiality of safety event data and offers exclusive insights based on HPI methodologies. To facilitate learning from health care peers as well as safety experts in health care, nuclear power and aviation industries, the PSO offers three primary forums for online and in-person member participation: 

Safety Event Classification Advisory Panel - Formal review and discussion of challenging classification cases with support for inter-rater reliability and classification alignment and decisions published in members-only Case Law Library.

Cause Analysis Grand Rounds - Monthly deep dive on specific topics in safety events and cause analysis to share learning and build knowledge in cause analysis methodologies, best practices, and solutions.

Safety Risk Alerts - Notification of evident proximate causes, system conditions, and/or root causes to prompt consideration of the existence of these conditions in your organization and timely action. 

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