Hospice CAHPS Regulatory Survey

Reduce Patient Suffering and Address Family Needs

Key Benefits

Commitment to Reducing Suffering: Press Ganey is committed to partnering with health care organizations to reduce patient and family suffering.
Deeper Insights: Press Ganey’s additional recommended survey questions examine concepts not captured by the standard CAHPS survey. In addition, surveys that invite written comments enhance the actionable nature of your reporting.
Demonstrated CAHPS Expertise: As the largest CAHPS administrator in the country, partnering with more than 8,000 organizations on HCAHPS, HHCAHPS, ICHCAHPS and ACO CAHPS, we have more CAHPS expertise than any other provider.

What it is

The experience you create for your hospice patients and their families is critical to your reputation and, ultimately, your bottom line. Hospices, like all other health care organizations, must focus on creating a positive experience aimed at meeting patients’ needs while reducing their suffering. This involves not only the physical pain and disability that accompany illness, but also the fear and anxiety associated with illness and, for hospice patients and families, their end of life concerns. 

By capturing and analyzing family perceptions of your service, you will uncover opportunities for performance improvement. You can then act by implementing initiatives to better meet the needs of your patients and their families and create an experience that differentiates your hospice organization from the competition.

Press Ganey is a CMS approved vendor for the Hospice CAHPS survey, designed to measure and assess the experiences of patients who died while receiving hospice care, as well as the experiences of their informal primary caregivers.

Based on our experience with other CAHPS care settings, we know organizations that capture deeper insights typically outperform those who use a CAHPS-only tool. Press Ganey’s unique Hospice solution both meets CAHPS requirements and measures additional essential components of the hospice care experience, including a staff compassion module that captures leading indicators of Hospice CAHPS performance.