Dynamic Surveys

Engage patients with 10 targeted questions with Dynamic Surveys

Key Benefits

Targeted: Each patient receives a personalized 10-question survey, while your organization captures insights on up to 100 measures.

Engaging: Dynamic personalization sends select, targeted survey questions to each patient for greater reach and response.
Real-time: As patients complete surveys, data is immediately available in the secure analytics platform.

What it is

In smaller markets, facilities and practices where it may be challenging to receive enough survey responses to reach statistical significance with traditional patient experience surveys. In medical practice and ambulatory settings where patients may have multiple visits in a short period of time, it is critical to capture feedback at each interaction. Over time, long surveys may introduce survey fatigue and reduce response. Press Ganey’s innovative Dynamic Surveys help meet these challenges and complement traditional approaches to capture targeted, meaningful patient feedback. Dynamic Surveys are built on a proprietary methodology from Bivarus and deliver select questions to each patient. Each patient receives a targeted 10-question survey while your organization captures compelling, actionable insights on 50-100 survey measures.

Dynamic Surveys complement Press Ganey’s census-based survey approach to understand patient needs with expanded capabilities to capture meaningful patient feedback in real-time, generating deep, targeted data and relevant insights to drive improvement across the patient journey.

Collect meaningful insights across the multiple complex factors that shape and influence experience, while engaging all patients and reaching traditionally underserved populations. Dynamic sampling uses a proprietary algorithm to intelligently match a concise set of survey questions to every patient interaction and touch point based on relative importance of the measures and reliability of prior responses.

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