Rely on Sound Survey Design for Meaningful Insights

Built on three decades of research and expertise, Press Ganey’s proprietary surveys support a comprehensive approach to improving the total patient experience.

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To capture accurate and useful information, surveys are crafted so respondents can immediately understand what is being asked and the purpose of each question. Survey development is founded on deep social science expertise and experience resulting in psychometrically sound surveys that provide useful and meaningful results. The Press Ganey Research team applies careful design and refinement of survey questions to ensure reliability (extent to which repeatedly measuring the same property produces the same result) and validity (extent to which it measures what it is supposed to measure).

Press Ganey surveys help assess service and communication issues that improve all interpersonal actions: attending to the physical and psychological suffering inherent in the experience care; focusing on the various controllable factors that contribute to patient suffering, such as poor communication, lack of compassion and insufficient education; and taking action to correct controllable process defects that might contribute to patient discomfort or distress.