Advanced Health Care Analytics - Improvement Portal

Advanced Health Care Analytics and Targeted Insights for Sustainable Improvement

Through easy-to-use online dashboards and reports, the Press Ganey Improvement Portal provides organizations with deep health care analytics and insights into the voice of their patients across the continuum of care. Supporting all levels of an organization, the Improvement Portal offers an executive overview of your organization’s current performance across care settings, the ability to drill-down and analyze your most promising improvement opportunities and the ability to monitor performance on specific survey measures.

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The Improvement Portal enables quick identification of improvement opportunities so you can take immediate and targeted action for performance improvement.


With the Performance Scorecard, it takes only a matter of seconds to pinpoint where you stand against other facilities on key performance areas and where to focus improvement efforts for targeted action. That’s because the Performance Scorecard provides visually concise and actionable views of performance.

Set targets and view comparative performance based on Press Ganey's proprietary databasethe largest real-time HCAHPS and patient satisfaction database in the industry. Whether you’re talking to the board or front-line staff, it has never been easier to identify and pinpoint improvement opportunities for stakeholders across your organization.


Monitoring the detailed process of your targeted improvement programs is easy with Quick Reports. Additionally, Comparison Quick Reports allow you to quickly identify high and low performers on a single measure. With aligned individual improvement opportunities for each group, you can achieve a sharper focus for driving improvement.


With our new and easy-to-use scheduling feature, you can email Performance Scorecard dashboards and Quick Reports to share relevant performance information with your organization.


By providing easy-to-understand performance graphics, clear organizational priorities and instant access to prescriptive performance resources, the Press Ganey Improvement Portal aligns and empowers every level of your organization to drive organizational goal attainment. The mark of a high-performing organization is that everyonefrom the board to the front-line staffhas a shared understanding of organizational priorities and their role in attaining performance goals.