Manage Your Brand and Reputation with Actionable Patient Insights

Greater accessibility of patient feedback on social media and online review sites has changed how health care consumers seek and share information about their health care providers. This feedback is now immediate and visible to anyone interested in making an informed health care choice. It’s never been more critical for health care leaders to quickly assess and act on insights gleaned from patient reviews and comments to help inform marketing and patient experience strategies. Press Ganey® Consumer Analytics, powered by Binary Fountain, can help health care marketers:

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  • Gain actionable insights from online reviews and comments about the organization and physicians to help manage brand and reputation
  • Identify sentiment, key themes and trends and quickly isolate concerns in patient feedback from online and social media sources with a health care-specific Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine
  • Streamline marketing responses to consumers on third-party sites, enable direct interaction with consumers and allow sharing of comments internally to reinforce positive behavior and drive improvement with closed-loop engagement tools
  • See how the organization compares to local or national competitors by benchmarking social scores


Press Ganey provides a single platform to analyze patient feedback and comments from online sources and patient experience surveys to help provider marketing and patient experience leaders manage online reputation, engage consumers and drive performance improvement.

  • Social listening captures, interprets and distills online activity into powerful insights
  • Sentiment analysis adds context and meaning to the comments in Press Ganey patient experience surveys and online reviews
  • Insights from patient feedback and comments from online sources and patient experience surveys help identify areas for performance improvement


Consumer Analytics helps marketers manage online reputation and engage consumers to streamline online service recovery and one-on-one interactions with patients.

  • Proactive alerts notify marketers of online feedback, allowing appropriate follow-up, including thanking a patient for a positive review
  • Connections to third-party applications from within the solution streamline response time and make the process more efficient
  • Robust reporting compares social activity against designated competitors, allowing marketing to prioritize brand efforts
  • Insights from survey comments enable patient experience leaders to share feedback internally to facilitate behavior change or reinforce positive behaviors